Gospel Tracts

Gospel tracts are a great tool that we have to help us in the spread of the gospel today. I would like to discuss some ways to use them. I believe that the purpose of every Christian’s life should be to spread the gospel to anyone or everyone that they can. I have found that gospel tracts work well to break the ice on a witness, or provides a quick word when time is limited.

There are a few different places to get tracts. Chick Tracts are one of the most common type that you can get. The motto is “Chick tracts get read.” These tracts are a comic book type pamphlet that cover salvation as well as a variety of other topics such as Alcohol, Sodomy, Halloween, Catholicism, and more. My personal favorite chick tract is one entitled, “This Was your Life.”(Pictured Below) The only downside to this route is the cost, they tend to be more than the other tracts that are available.

Another place to get tracts pretty quickly is Fellowship Tract League. They are located in Lebanon, Ohio. On their website(www.fellowshiptractleague.org) there is a good variety of tracts. There are a variety of kinds that use different approaches to present the gospel. These are also available for a love offering if you are able to so the cost is lower than chick tracts.

There are also a few other place to get tracts. A fellow in Pennsylvania who runs Stable Printing, prints a great tract that comes in a post card form. He can custom print them for you with your church info on the back. The card is very sturdy and has a great visual illustration of salvation. I have pictured it below. The Bridge - View Larger Image

I think this goes without saying, but PLEASE read the tracts before you hand them out to anyone. Do not assume that because people claim to be KJV only and say they are Baptists, that every tract they publish is in line with what you believe. I have noticed that some of the tracts published by Fellowship Tract League are removing repentance and putting prayers in them for people to pray. You may not have an issue with the prayer but repentance is pretty important for Biblical Salvation. Some of the Chick Tracts(mostly the newer ones) can be a little off as well. Both of these publishers have it available for you to be able to read all their tracts before ordering via their website.

I have tried to make it a habit to always have tracts on my person at all times if I can. I keep them in both my vehicles, and have them at our church and home for when we run short. Women can keep some in their purse as well. Almost every ministry that we do uses tracts in some way or another. When we go door knocking, we try to make sure everyone will take a tract, even if they won’t talk to us. When we preach on the street, we are constantly handing out tracts to those walking by. When we go to the Mission to preach to the homeless, we also offer a tract to each of these folks as well.

Gospel tracts are great to use in your personal life as you go about your business in your day.  Some ways to use tracts are offering one to the cashier at the store when you are checking out at a store, giving one to the person pumping gas on the other side of the pump, putting one in your bills if you still mail them in, leaving one on the table with your tip after a meal at the restaurant, or give one to the person handing your food to you out the McDonald’s window.

It is a great ministry to try to find a place in your town where there is alot of foot traffic and passing out tracts. Set up a schedule to do this on a regular basis, or else you will not be faithful. Great places to do this are down town where there are alot of folks walking around. Also, be aware of special events that may come to your area such as fairs, circuses, festivals, etc. These are great events to get alot of tracts out very quickly. Last weekend a few of us went downtown St Simons Island and handed out about 500 tracts in the space of an hour or so. These venues provide awesome opportunities to have personal witnesses with individuals. Handing out gospel tracts is a great ministry as a family, Everyone can do it. People who generally would not take a piece of literature from you may be friendly to a child. You never know.

Lastly, this can be very fun and rewarding overall as a ministry, but remember who you are representing, Jesus Christ. Please be polite as possible. When offering a tract, a smile, and a polite greeting will be a great help every time. If someone refuses, continue to be polite. You never know if they may take one next time, but if we are rude over their refusal, they may not want to ever hear what you have to say.

So have fun, and get busy


2 thoughts on “Gospel Tracts

  1. I love passing out gospel tracts too! One of my personal favorites that is not really economic but that I find folks will read it and children will look at, is from the cursed double married Bro. Ruckman! Lol…”Tell It Like It Is”!!! I am glad God uses us in spite of ourselves! I personally never received or even remember seeing a tract prior to getting saved. But I know of folks who got saved from a tract that somehow got passed from hand to hand and ended up in their possession! I agree, tracts have opened the door to many great witnesses!


  2. Tracts are always a great opportunity to reach the lost and dying world for the Lord! This information is well put and good to put into practice… especially if you want to keep the Sword sharp! Keep on Fightin!!!!!


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