A Few Good Ideas

In a previous Blog I mentioned the great tool that a gospel tract is to help with our witnessing. I also mentioned some ways to use gospel tracts in your daily life. I wanted to briefly share some more ideas that are available for your consideration. If you have any other ideas please put them in the comments. Remember that some of these ideas are included in your “rights” as Americans, but others may not be, so be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Also try to stay away from methods that would cause littering. This can hurt the cause more than help it sometimes.

A few ideas are:

-Leave a tract on the toilet paper dispenser in public restrooms(everyone loves to read when sitting on the throne)

– Go to parking lots(Malls, Walmarts, Shopping centers,not car dealerships)  with alot of cars and put one on each car(some people like to put one under a windshield wiper, but I have found putting one on the driver side window is better)

– Go to a thrift store and while browsing, slide a tract in the pockets of the clothing.(This one requires a little sneakiness)

– Also at a thrift store, you can slide a tract in the covers of some of the books for sale.

-When you have finished pumping gas, roll one up and slide it in the handle of the gas pump for the next guy.

– After you purchase a newspaper, leave a tract in the stand before closing the door.

– You can stand outside a grocery store and hand them out to the customers. (You probably will be asked to leave after 15 to 20 minutes. It is private property so leave. But don’t go home, find another grocery store)

-If your town has a farmers market, this is great place to go and hand out tracts to individuals walking around or those that are selling produce.

I am sure that there are many more ideas, and I am sure that I will be posting more in the future. Again, I encourage you to leave any ideas you may have in the comments sections.


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