Prayer Letter for April

Every month we write a prayer letter to try to encourage our missionaries oversees. I have posted the letter below.

Open Bible Baptist Church

Standing for the Truth in Brunswick, GA

April 2015

Dear Brethren,

Greetings in the name of wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I find it amazing that are already finished with the month of April, time is definitely flying by faster than ever. We, more than ever, need to mindful to redeem the time for the days are indeed evil.

I mentioned in a previous letter that we were trying to locate a place where we could street preach on a regular basis. I believe it is better to have a set time a place to do ministries like this for a variety of reasons. Brunswick has a “festival” on the first Friday evening of every month downtown in order to try to draw more of an interest to this part of town. We went down there for the first time in this month and had a pretty decent response from the crowd as well as no resistance whatsoever from law enforcement. The rest of the month this area of town is pretty much deserted. We have decided to go over to St Simons Island the remaining of the Friday evening in the month. This is the main tourist area about 15 minutes away downtown Brunswick. There is a street with shops, restaurants and stuff that leads down to a pier and a park where lots of people are hanging out in the evening times. Perfect place to preach and hand out tracts. We have also not received any opposition from police yet, so please pray that this will continue to be this way.

We have also been trying to hit some of the events around here as well. It seems that in this part of the world, there is a festival to celebrate something every weekend. We were able to go the “Blessing of the Fleet” about 15 minutes north of here in the town of Darien. There was about 30,000 people there for this event. We were able to go preach, hold up signs and hand out quite a few gospel tracts. It was a blessing that the Lord kept the rain away until about 30 minutes after we left. We were also able to go down to another little town south of us, (Woodbine) for the crawfish festival and hand out gospel tracts to a lot of people there. Please pray for us that the Lord will continue to allow us to frequent these events and try to reach souls for His glory.

This month we have also have continued trying to knock on doors in the community to witness to folks as well as invite them to church. We have seen a few visitors come out and have been joyful to see them. A couple, Mr. and Mrs. Page, have been visiting us the entire month of April. They told us that they have really enjoyed our services and plan to continue to come. Please pray for them, as well as other folks that have coming out to visit us.

We also had the pleasure of officially welcoming the Alford family into our church family. They have been coming to our church now for 5 months, and have been a great help with our outreach ministries. Bro Mike Alford has become our song leader and has done great in this capacity. We are thankful to have them in our church.

Lastly, there are a few things that we would ask that you remember in your prayers if you can. A women in our church by the name of Nancy who has been battling some lung issues. She already has been diagnosed with COPD, and is now trying to get over pleurisy, which is very painful. Please pray for her recovery. We also received an offer on our house in Beaufort. We were able to put it under contract. Please pray that the sale of the house will be able to go through without any issues.

Because He Lives,

Pastor Kenneth Seremak Jr


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