A Call to Action

I recently received a link forwarded to me from a very dear friend of mine via email. Upon opening the link, I read the title “A Call to Prayer”. I continued reading, the first paragraph was as follows:

This is a call to every believing, praying, American Christian. We live in desperate times in America which ultimately threatens the abilities of the local church to fulfill the will of God and have the freedom to worship.

  I am by nature a very critical person of everything(this has been to my hurt more times than to my benefit I think), so I will not rip into this because I believe the statement was well meant as the rest of the link shows, but I do not believe that anything that happens in America should threaten our desire and ability to fulfill the will of God, although it will not make it easy. Jesus gave the commission in Mark 16 to people who were still under the iron fist of the Romans, and Paul suffered much in ministry due to this, but he never quit. That being said, the freedoms we still have in this land are a huge help and open door to fulfill our commandments. The next paragraph:

Our ability to continue to send missionaries to foreign countries and publish the Gospel in America will be greatly affected if we as God’s people sit back and do nothing. There is a growing threat of financial collapse, war on American soil, and our loss of freedom of speech.

This is were I get more on board. I appreciate the statement of Christians sitting back and doing nothing being the issue. I agree that idleness is the biggest hindrance we face today. America’s freedoms could and may stay intact and if Christians sit idly by and do not use those liberties to fulfill the will of God, then we are already in serious trouble. The rest of the article is as follows.:

When God’s judgment was about to fall on Nineveh, what did that nation do? They fasted and prayed. God heard their cry and saved the people. Where prayer is focused, power falls.

It is God’s will that we continue to send missionaries and preach the Gospel in this country and around the world. God has used America in a mighty way, and we want Him to continue. We want God to hear from His people in America. We may be a remnant but we need to be able to continue to carry out the great commission and continue to worship God freely.

Will you unite with us in a week of prayer and fasting? God will hear our cry. He can bless His people in the midst of a declining nation.

We are attempting to unite at least 50,000 believers nationwide for a full 5 days of prayer and fasting for the cause of Christ on May the 11th – 16th.

Pastors, you could make this a nightly church event. The important thing is that we do it together for five days. Please contact every church in your area and ask your pastor friends to do the same. Use social media, letters, phone, text and other means to encourage others to join us as we seek God’s face for our nation.

So overall a great and honorable call to all Christians to join in prayer and fasting. I intend to take part in it myself. The author of that link obviously recognizes that we as a remnant of Bible believers need to be more active to seek the help that only comes from God and to do his will. I appreciate this thing and encourage others to take part in it as well. I do not wish to take away from this at all, but instead want to add one thing.

Here is my thing:

I would like to put a call out to the same 50,000 people to join with us for one day of fulfilling the Great Commission. On Memorial Day(May 25th) I am asking all Christians to be a public witness for their Saviour. Almost every town in America(definitely every county) has a festival and a parade to celebrate this day. It would be a great thing if every one of these events had a remnant of people there proclaiming the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We as Christians can hand out tracts, hold signs, and publicly preach on this day in order to take advantage of the liberties of which we are praying that God will preserve in America.

Pastors, I encourage you to go to your churches with this call to action. Go online and find out details of your specific festivals. Make this available for everyone. Men, Women, and Children can hold up a sign or hand out a tract. If the judgment of God comes or we do lose our liberties at least we can say that we have tried to take advantage of what we had. I am praying that this year we, like the apostles, can turn the world upside down through our actions.

Let me know through the comment section on this blog if you are going to join us in this “Call to Action”

God Bless America

Ken Seremak


5 thoughts on “A Call to Action

  1. Amen. Problem people think more of America than the church. The church does not need america for the church to do Gods bidding. America needs the church to do Gods bidding and that is to preach the gospel.

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  2. Amen! We too will continue to pray for America, for the work of the ministry to continue. We must continue to the Lord’s returns! All that are yet lost in their sin need us, need the gospel proclaimed, need to see an example of Christianity in action. As missionaries in a foreign land, praying for and trying to reach a people different from my own, I pray we still have time to reach many, for an awaking to the spiritual needs throughout the whole earth, the repentance of many of every land before the time of GREAT TRIBULATION AND DECEPTION.

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