Public Witness Videos

Acts 20:20    And how I kept back nothing that was profitable unto you, but have shewed you, and have taught you publicly, and from house to house,

I have encouraged through this blog the idea of Christians taking the Gospel to a lost and dying world to be our number one priority. I have spoken of gospel tracts and holding signs, and have put out a call to action for Christians nationwide to join us for a time of public evangelism on Memorial Day(May 25th).  I hope that many of you can join us across this great country of ours, but don’t let this call to action start and end on this one event. I believe that if you pray and seek the help of the Lord, you will be blessed beyond measure. A group from our church is going to make the trip back to Beaufort SC to the church that I am originally from and help the brethren there to plow that ground one more time.

In Brunswick though, we have tried our hardest to make this time of public display of the gospel a normal routine for us in this community. We have found that a set schedule has caused us to be more faithful than we would otherwise. We have a spot that we go every Friday evening and preach(with the exclusion of the first Friday of the month, we go to a special festival the town puts on during that time). Even though I understand that there are not many places that folks are willing to receive the gospel or even tolerate the preaching at all, the Lord has tremendously blessed these en devours and the only conversations that we have had with the local law enforcement was to give them the gospel on a personal basis. I have attached 2 videos of myself preaching this last Friday evening. Notice the banner and scripture signs being held.

I have only posted a video of myself because I have not asked for permission yet from my fellow preachers to put videos of them doing the same thing. 


4 thoughts on “Public Witness Videos

  1. Praise GOD, It is a privledge just to know you guys. PS I have a large stack of Kenneth’s gospel tracts, Thank GOD because I was running low. They will be put to good use. Keep up the work of the LORD.


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