Memorial Day Report

I hope that many of you were able to take advantage of the opportunity that we had on Memorial Day to represent Jesus Christ in our communities across this country. Unfortunately, many Christians stayed home and agreed that it was a good effort that others were making, but it is not what they were personally going to do. Even worse, many “Christians” went to the festivities for the fun and games and while they were there, they opposed the preachers and others trying to spread the gospel(I have found that in my short time of doing public ministry that 90% of opposition comes from other “Christians”) As you read this, I hope you are not part of either one of these categories, but only you know. I never have claimed that folks are obligated to do what I do, but I have found it strange to see folks who say they love Jesus and agree that the gospel should be preached, stay home when the opportunity comes to do so, but will break their necks to be the first ones in the food line a few hours later at the church for a hamburger or hotdog. Maybe I am thinking wrong here, but I doubt it.

But that is not the purpose of the post today. I just wanted to give the report of what we tried to do on Monday. My family, another family from our church in  Brunswick, and a few brethren from my home church in  Beaufort, South Carolina, showed up at the parade route Monday morning at 9:00. The parade was scheduled to start at 10:00, so before it began, we walked the route and handed out tracts to the folks setting up to watch the parade. Once we walked the whole route, the parade began, so we took a break, and watched the parade. The kids(and adults) really enjoyed it. After parade passed, we rushed to where the parade ended and tried to pass out more tracts to folks as they headed to their cars. As the traffic was at a stand still trying to leaving the parking area, we had a great opportunity to preach for about 30 minutes while folks sat still in their cars. At the end of the event, we had realized we had been able to hand out over 1200 tracts and other Scripture material.

After parade was done, nothing was more enjoyable than to get in the line at the church for a hamburger and a hotdog, drink a sweet tea, and eat some watermelon. I hope and pray that your Memorial Day activities were as fun as ours. If it was, I would love to hear about it, please feel free to post in comment section.


10 thoughts on “Memorial Day Report

  1. Wow!!!!! The entire first paragraph of this post reminds me of the first six words of I Cor. 6:11! What a Great Saviour we serve to see beyond our past, faults, and failures!


    • No doubt. I know even in my life there was time when I was stagnant in my service towards Christ. I have seen the fact that a life not serving our Savior is a wasted life, and have tried to encourage other Christians to join the cause. I am constantly reminded of Philippians 3:13 that we should press toward the mark and forget those things that are behind. I saw in my life how my complacency seriously hurt my walk with Christ, and now I try to encourage other Christians to join us in this fight. I hope and pray that folks never view our past failures as an excuse to be unfaithful themselves. I hope that as a Christian I can provoke others to love and good works.


  2. Luke 17:7-10
    II Cor 10:12-18
    Titus 3:1-8
    2 Peter 1:1-9
    I Tim 4:10-12

    I went! Others went who haven’t in a while! Some prayed for us earnestly! I am so thankful The Lord would allow somebody like me to do anything! With tears I regret that I haven’t always done what I should have! But can anyone ever honestly say that they have always done what they should have? Was there ever a time when you didn’t go and you shoulda, coulda, woulda? We’re all guilty Bro! Keep your eyes on The Lord and his righteous and stay faithful and do it because you love him and you might see it a little different. I have to work to keep me right and encourage and be an example my brethren and family. I love you with all my heart but please take this right, if you spend the time you wrote this blog and the time you’ve spent complaining, on praying that God would stir brethren to have a passion and love for sinners to come to our great Saviour,the you may find yourself a lot happier and more content!


    • Bro Mike I appreciate your comment, but I do believe that some things were misunderstood. I never claimed that I had never let my Savior down by not fulfilling my duties. And, yes there were plenty of times I shoulda, coulda, woulda gone, but I did not. I, like you, have asked God to forgive my sin of complacency with a sorrowful heart and have tried to do more. Like I said in my response to Bro Eric, I saw how complacency hurt me spiritually, and I have come to realize that the focal point of us being left here in this world is to take the gospel to sinners who need it. I never in my blog have attacked anyone previously or now, or do I intend to start. I have only tried to sincerely encourage others to go and be a witness for Christ where they are. If you read my previous posts, you see that I have tried to be as careful as I could to go over basic issues and ideas with the intention of encouraging other Christians to do more. This post was never meant as a complaint, or railing, or to bring glory to myself although I appreciate the verses that you posted in regards to those issues. The purpose of the blog was to give a report of what we had tried to do on Memorial Day to encourage others who may have joined in the call that was put out to take one day and be a public witness in our communities(See previous post entitled “A call to Action”) I felt that since the call had been put out to encourage to go that I should put out the little bit we tried to do with the hope that folks would be able to put some similar stuff in the comments section to encourage all of us. In closing, I have spent alot of time on my knees not only praying for other Christians to have a passion for sinners, but also that I would do better myself. I have tried to provoke brethren to love and good works, and I believe that is time well spent.


    • Paul did claim to be free from the blood of all men, and to have run his race, finished his course, and to have fought the good fight. So yeah, I think it’s possible to do what you’re supposed to do and have no regrets. I think most of us blow it, but that’s our fault, not Gods because it can be done.


      • Perhaps I have misunderstood Bro? And if I have, please forgive! But as to Acts 20:26 and the other Bro Mike, would say that is hardly a proof text that Paul always was obedient after his conversion. I would point to verses like Romans ch7 and Phil 3:12-14. Jn 8:29 is the real goal but there is only one that could attain that so no I don’t find in scripture that it can be done without imputed righteousness. Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness. I have no confidence in my righteousness before or after he saved me! I have full assurance in his righteousness that he gave me for believing what he said! Please take this right but it seems a little conceded and proud and dishonest to think that anyone has or will attained to such a level that they always do what they should! Oh wretched man that I am…is that a convert Paul? Not was…am. I think you’ll find it so in all Adam’s helpless race! Brother I do believe in always pleasing God…but I don’t and anyone who says otherwise appears to have a very high opinion of themselves! In all this I may have said too much. At the end of the day, preach on and keep on the firing line!!! Love you guys( and girls) for taking a stand!


        • I do believe that my first paragraph of the blog (well mostly the last 2 sentences) were very misunderstood. I do agree that failures are made, I agree that we are nothing without Him, and I agree that we need to be humble in our service toward God(see my blog “It’s and Honor”). I have only tried to encourage people not elevate myself. If it has come across that I have tried to proclaim my own goodness, then my utmost apologies. This was never my intentions. In my past, I failed God, Sometimes now, I fail God, in the future, I will fail God, but I never have claimed that not to be true. Because of my failures, I have learned to try harder and attempt to do better for my Lord. Just like a man saved from fornication preaches against it, and a Saved drunk preaches against liquor, and the saved dope head fights against the drug industry, I have tried to express the seriousness to others of my own past failures by being against complacency, self-righteousness, religion, and pretense. If a man can not speak out against the issues that he previously may have failed in, then what a state we will be in.
          Bro Loftin, you and I are the dearest of friends and hope this continues on for many years to come so I know you are not meaning anything as an attack nor do I. I just believe that I may have been misunderstood, and considering that this is a public forum I am only wishing to better explain.


  3. Sorry guys…. it was not my intention to start anything with what I posted! I simply wanted to state that I personally look back to push myself harder to go further than before. Kind of like the song, “Remind Me Dear Lord”………… “Show me where you brought me from and where I could have been”

    Anyways, I will choose my words wisely next time for sure.

    Keep On Keepin On!


    • Eric, I took no offense to your comment. You and I have been best friends for years and I know what you meant in your statement. We have seen times in our life when we were not as faithful as we should have been to Christ, but thank God we can be forgiven and move forward. I credit much of my desire to serve Christ more to people such as yourself who encouraged, (sometimes gently and then not so gently, but that was what I needed) The Lord has opened my eyes and it is my hearts desire to help others the same way I was helped. Love ya bro. Keep on the Battlefield.


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