June Prayer Letter

This is the monthly prayer letter that we send out from our church to all those that are praying for us, especially the foreign missionaries.

Dear Praying Friends,

I hope this letter finds you all faithful in service for our Lord Jesus Christ. The world, flesh, and devil surely are giving everything they have to hinder the furtherance of the gospel in our day and time. We need to remain faithful and encourage one another in these last days. We have been making an effort to try to reach the area with the gospel. It never ceases to amaze me how that folks will follow every foolish idea somebody cooks up, or some silly fad, but will walk right by the only thing that will help them without blinking. But, we cannot quit based on the response, we strive to be found faithful.

This month, at the Salvation Army, we had some good witnesses with some of the folks down there. I am thankful that we seem to be forging relationships with some of these people. Most of these people are very withdrawn and seem to have no interest, but just in the short time that has gone by, we have seen some folks open up. Please pray that we will continue to see some progress here and that this will lead to the salvation of souls. In a previous letter, I mentioned a fellow, Allen Cox, who was coming back to church. He has gone down to the mission with us twice now and has even preached once. He is from the area here and knows a lot of these people down there, so we are praying the Lord will use this to reach these people as well. Please continue to pray to pray for Allen that the Lord will continue to strengthen him in his life.

As we have been preaching every Friday down at the pier at St. Simons, the crowds have increased. This is a huge tourist area, and as summer gets under full swing, the amount of people down there is tremendous. Please pray that the Lord will continue to use us in this capacity. Every Friday, we go through over 500 gospel tracts and could easily hand out 1000 more if we each had four hands.

On the 14th, there was a “Save the Youth” shoe drive hosted by a lady, Diana Reed. She is a sort of local celebrity among the black churches here in town. She has a local radio show every Monday as well. She saw us downtown preaching one first Friday and asked us to come to her shoe drive and tell about our street preaching and explain the message we preach. We accepted the offer, and let me say that while we were waiting for our turn to take the stage, we saw all manner of things. We saw rapping, dancing, shouting, and more stuff that was defined as worship, but was overall simply embarrassing to all that calls itself holy. When it was our turn, I got up, and for 20 minutes, I preached the gospel. The room was definitely a lot quieter during our presentation then all the others, but that’s how it goes. The next week, I was a guest on Ms Diana Reed’s radio program to again tell more about our ministry. Apparently we have caused quite a stir in the black church community. I do not know where all this will lead, but the door is open, and we trust that the Lord will direct our paths in this capacity.

Also, we had an opportunity to preach at the county jail in a town called Nahunta(about 30 minutes west of us). We went with another fellow in town that goes to another independent Baptist church. It was a great experience. We were put in the area to preach to the women. Bro Mike Alford was able to give a chalk talk presentation to the inmates and they loved it. We are going to try to make an effort to go preach out there once a month Lord willing.

Lastly, please remember a few things in your prayers if you are able. 1) Please pray for a member of the church(Chuck Crews). He has been on kidney dialysis for the last 21 years, and last Sunday he went to the ER thinking that he was having a heart attack. They got him stabilized, but he is going to see a specialist this week. He is only in his late fifties.   2) We will going to the annual 4th of July festival in Brunswick this week to preach, and hand out tracts. Please pray that we will be able to get some opportunities to speak with folks regarding their salvation. 3) Lastly, please pray the Lord will send us laborers to help us here in Brunswick. We have more and more ministry opportunities pop up each week. For example, this last week, a nursing home called us to see if we could start preaching there. We are excited about the opportunities here and ask that you remember us in your prayers.

Kenneth Seremak


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