July Prayer Letter

Below is our prayer Letter for the month of July 2015. your prayers are coveted and if there is a need to which you would like remembered in pray please post in the comments as well.

July 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

Praying that the Lord is blessing you all in your service for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The month of July has been very eventful for us.  Here in coastal Georgia this time of year, it gets to be dreadfully hot (the humidity does nothing to help the issue either), and it seems to rain almost every afternoon. This constant rain has thrown a wrench in a few of the ministries that we are trying to do, but we are working around these issues best way we can. I try to go door-knocking a few times a week, and recently have been caught in the rain a couple times. A few times, I was able to beat it and get back to shelter, but this definitely keeps it interesting.

Last week, after preaching for almost an hour at St Simon’s Island, the rain popped up out of nowhere. We did not have time to get back to the vehicles, so we found shelter under the roof on the pier with about 150 other people. Once under there, the rain and wind were pretty fierce. We looked around and realized that these people weren’t going anywhere, anytime soon, so Bro Mike Alford, then myself, stood on the bench and preached the gospel to a captive audience. A policeman was about 6 feet away from us when we were preaching and did not tell us to stop. It was quite an experience, and we thank the Lord for this opportunity. That night we also had the opportunity to give the gospel to 2 different people personally. Please pray the Lord will continue to bless this ministry.

This month, we had a great work day at the church house. We did a bunch of tree trimming that we have been needing for some time. Us men (mostly Bro Ed Holton and Bro Carl Page) really kicked it in gear and got the trees looking good. Bro Mike and I did a really good job of supervising(just being funny, of course we helped with hauling limbs to the burn pile) The ladies brought us all lunch and we had a great time of fellowship while trying to accomplish these repairs and maintenance that is needed here. Praise the Lord for folks who are willing to get involved and work on these projects.

We also had an opportunity come up for us to be able to put brochures for our church with the gospel in them in the welcome centers in our county. This was provided free of charge as long as we provided the brochures. We are praying the Lord will use this to reach folks with the gospel as well as encourage some folks to come out and visit the church. We have also signed up for a service that provides us with the names and addresses of all new residents to our county. We are sending these brochures to these new residents in the mail, and trying to follow up by knocking on their doors. There are usually a lot of new residents and it is difficult to reach all them in person, so these mailers will work for the time being. Please pray that the Lord will use these brochures in both the welcome center and in the mail to reach folks for Christ.

We also were able to go to the jail again in Nahunta, this time we were able to preach to the men. I was able to preach on judgment and Bro Darnell Robinson was able to give his testimony of how got saved in prison himself. (Bro Darnell is a brother from St Marys, Ga, who frequently goes with us to the Salvation Army and Street Preaching)  Please for this wonderful opportunity that folks may truly get saved.

In the month of August, we covet your prayers for a few upcoming things, 1) Starting this month, we will be going to Grace More nursing home to conduct services with the elderly that are there. When we went to tour the place, one of the residents was speaking with us and she was very excited to learn that we are going to be coming down there. She said “I have been praying that the Lord would send some people here to have church with us.” Please pray that the Lord will bless this work. 2) Also, on the 13th, 14th, and 15th we will be having a special meeting at our church. My pastor, Karl Baker, will be preaching the meeting for us. We have made fliers and have been trying to hand them out and hang them up all over town. Please pray the Lord will move on folks to come out and that our church will be encouraged by the preaching.

God Bless

Ken Seremak Jr


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