Letter to the Editor(Brunswick Newspaper)


Recently I was reading the newspaper the other Sunday Evening after church (OK, I was reading the comics really) After I finished the comics, I decided to take a look at the front page and realized that they had put some funy papers there as well.

Here is the Front page article. To summarize it, the article basically reads that the church is not in a decline but instead is growing and doing great. The article quotes “pastors” in our community who say that the reason there is a conflict over Gay marriage is because the churches are being disagreeable and need to be more accepting. These guys say that the church needs to be more loving and accepting of the world. Read it for yourself. Well, I wrote a response because I wanted folks to know that the some of us have not sold out to compromise. They published my response in the Letters to the Editor. I have received some response from folks in the community(both good and bad). Please pray for our city, community, nation, and this world that they might see the truth and be saved.


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