Ready, Set, Here we go.

We are a week away from Labor Day here in the USA and summer is almost over(although here is South Georgia it doesn’t feel like it.) Most kids are going back to school and people are preparing for the adventures that comes with that. Others are anticipating the relief from the heat, only to begin complaining about the cold and the abundance of leaves we have to rake. (We are indeed funny creatures). Some look forward to Autumn for other reasons such as hunting season, or football season. There is alot of stuff that starts up in the next month or so that people look forward to in this great country of our’s, but let me point out one more thing. What you will find all across this land as the weather cools off, is the same thing you see in the Spring, an abundance of fairs, festivals, parades, etc will be happening. Now, this may not be the case everywhere, but it is here in the Southeast. Also, down here, every Friday night high school football is the most populated event, and Saturday’s is college football.

You might wonder why I point this out. Well, I would like to encourage everyone reading this to make an effort to attend these events, not as participants, but instead as a representative of Jesus Christ preaching the gospel. Honestly, Brethren, I believe that we sin against, not just the Lord, but our fellow man, when such an opportunity is given to go and preach the gospel to folks when they are already congregated, and we chose instead to stay home. I think, if we go and make an effort to preach the glorious gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, if anything, we please the Lord by our obedience.

Now, I don’t know what is scheduled in your town, county, or region, but I encourage you to look it up. (Welcome to Google) Look, I understand that you have plans, we all do, but are your plans really more important than telling sinners how to be saved? Doubt it. Some may think that another will go in their place and the job will get done, but that is not the case. The one who goes, goes in their own place, not your’s. Your place is still missing. Have we joined the Lord’s Army to sit at  the house, or have we not received our marching orders?

Let me ask you a question? If a missionary was to come to your church, and presented his calling to preach the gospel in an area depleted of God’s Word, plant churches, and train men for the ministry, would you be in agreement that what was desiring to do was honorable and necessary? Sure you would. Now, what if at the the end of the presentation, the missionary announced that he was coming to your town? Would you still be in agreement with his calling, or would you think to yourself that there already is a good church there(the one you are sitting in)? Would you think that this guy is confused, and would you try to straighten him out? Sure you would. So then the fellow apologizes, and packs up and heads out. Now what?  You go home and and still claim that preaching the gospel is not your thing, while you sit on your couch? What a shame. God put you in a location, not to take up space, but so you could preach the gospel to those people there.

Now some may say, that I should stop writing posts like this to encourage folks to get busy for Christ, because there was a time in my own life that I was not obedient to the orders of my Lord myself. While I agree that in times past, I myself was slothful in my business for my saviour, I do not intend to stop trying my hardest to encourage others in this great work. I realized myself(much to my shame) that my idleness in the preaching of the gospel was sinful and I repented of that SIN and now try to be as faithful as I can to tell others about the saving grace of Christ Jesus our Lord, and to provoke my brethren to love and good works(which is inclusive of preaching the gospel)

The reason, festivals, fairs, football games, etc, are such a great place to preach is because the people are already assembled. Why not Preach to them? It is a no-brainer. So this fall, get on Google and find out where the people are, get some tracts, and get busy. Encourage those around you to also get busy, and maybe, like the apostles, we can turn the world upside down.


One thought on “Ready, Set, Here we go.

  1. Wow brother that is the truth! The funny thing is when we went to New Zealand we visited Auckland Bible Baptist Church on our first Sunday morning. The people were very nice and friendly to the new Americans until, they found out that we were newly arrived missionaries. Then they were taken back at the thought that their country or even worse, their city might need missionaries. Some even suggested outright that there was no need for missionaries in Auckland. The pastor and I of course had quite a laugh at their reactions. Pastor Gustafsson and ABBC are still good supporters and friends of ours. They came to terms with the truth that everyone in Auckland was not only not saved but not even evangelized.

    As for witnessing at games and public events, we have witnessed at events from 4th of July in Columbus, OH to the Rugby World Cup in Auckland and now the flower parade in Siguatepeque.

    Keep it up brother, we had a good time on the street this afternoon, lots of tract out and even had people asking for tracts. Just wish I could communicate better in Spanish.


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