August Prayer Letter

August 2015


It seems like this month has simply gone by so quickly. But, I am reminded of the old saying that “Time flies when you are having fun.” And indeed we have been having a blast laboring here in Brunswick GA.

As I mentioned in my last letter, this month we began going to the Gracemore Nursing Home here in Brunswick. We have been having a great time singing hymns with the residents and then sharing the gospel with them out of God’s Word. The residents really seem to enjoy the services and have requested that we come every week, instead of every other week like we have been doing. So starting in September, we will be going every Monday evening to try to encourage these folks.

I mentioned previously as well, this month we had a 3 day special meeting at the church. It was such a blessing to have Bro Karl Baker and Mrs. Pam Baker with us for that time. We were able to hear the preaching of God’s Word from Bro Baker and get encouraged to apply it to our lives. We also had a great time to fellowship with them and catch up in regards to the things in the ministry. We had quite a few visitors come out for the meeting and they also expressed the Lord’s working in their lives by the meeting.

This month, at the jail in Nahunta, we had a tremendous service. This month, we were able to preach to the female inmates. A few men were able to preach the Gospel, and Bro Mike Alford was able to preach via a “chalk talk.” Bro Darnell Robinson was the first to preach, and when he was finished 3 girls came forward to receive Christ as their personal Savior. One of the 3 girls claimed to be saved, and wanted to get back to where she should be spiritually. The other 2 ladies, asked the Lord to save them and seemed to go away rejoicing. One of the 2 girls to be saved is supposed to be released on the 1st of September, and she lives in Brunswick. Please pray for her that nothing will hinder her from coming to church and allowing us to help her to grow in Jesus Christ.

The rain has continued to cause us to be hindered in some of our outreach as well as some of the things that are needed in regards to church building maintenance. In the next few months, we are going to have to change out the roof on our building (it has begun leaking) and redo the exterior trim as well. Please pray that all will go well with these projects, and that we will be able to accomplish them speedily and properly. I praise the Lord for the men and women who are willing to give up their time to help with these repairs.

Also, lately, Daniel Holton (our sound man) has been making an effort to advertise our church more heavily via the internet. Considering that this is the way that our culture is headed, we figured it would be worth a try. He has just started doing this in the last month, and so far we have already seen some visitors. Please pray the Lord will use this means to continue to reach folks as well.

We ask your prayers this month as well for a few things: 1) Please pray for Mrs. Georgia Reddick. She is an older member of our church who has been battling with her blood pressure. It will randomly drop and skyrocket and cause her issues. A few weeks ago, it fell to the point that she got so weak that she fell and ended up breaking a bone in her ankle. She is in a rehabilitation facility right now doing therapy, and the doctors think she will be there at least another 2 weeks. Please pray for her recovery and her spirits to stay encouraged. 2) Also, another member of the church, Jack Hannah, had to have surgery on the 31st  in regards to cancer that he has in his colon. The surgery went well, but when they awoke him from surgery, he had a violent reaction and they were forced to sedate him. Please pray for him as he is in his early 90’s, as well as the salvation of some of his family members.  3) Lastly, we ask your prayers for us this fall. In this part of the country, it seems that every weekend there is a gathering of people for a festival, fair, or football game. We are going to make every effort possible to try to be at most if not all of these events to preach the gospel and distribute gospel tracts. Please pray that the Lord will bless these endeavors, as well send us laborers to help us with these opportunities.

God Bless you all,


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