September Prayer Letter

September 2015


Praying that this letter finds you all doing well in your places of service for our Lord Jesus Christ.

This month, we were able to celebrate being here in Brunswick at Open Bible Baptist Church for a whole year. A lot has happened this last year, and many opportunities have been made available to preach the gospel. Our church has also grown this last year with folks coming to join up with us in the work for the Lord. It seems as if this last year has flown by, but the Lord has guided us through the entire year.

In September, we have been able to continue to preach at the Salvation Army on Friday evenings. We have noticed that quite a few folks have been taking their food and going to sit outside at the picnic tables instead of staying inside where we normally preach. So this month, while I preached to the folks that stay inside, Bro Mike Alford has been going out on the patio and preaching to those folks out there. Many of the folks that go outside have made it clear to us that they were going outside to “escape” the preaching. But some of them did make it a point to let us know that they appreciate the faithfulness to keep coming down there. So, we intend to continue to go to the Salvation Army to try to win souls to Christ. In fact, this month, we have had some tremendous witnesses with some of the folks there and have noticed that some of the regulars seem to be attentive to the preaching more than normal. Please pray that the Lord will give us wisdom to know how to reach these people with gospel.

The street preaching ministry has been going very well this month as well. At St Simons we have been able to freely preach to many folks and have been able to pass out quite a few tracts. On the first Friday, while we were preaching in Brunswick, we had a group of teenagers come up and heckle us. Initially, we thought we would get nowhere with this foolishness (most times they are simply trying to impress their friends). But, as we continued on with our preaching, the teenagers trickled away, with the exception of one guy about the age of 20 named Tristen. Once his “friends” were gone, we were able to reason with him about his soul and the need for him to be saved. We witnessed to him for about 45 minutes and saw him be dramatically convicted by the conversation. Although he did not get saved that night, we were able to give him a Bible and have prayer with him before he left. Please pray for him to be saved.

In Nahunta, at the jail this month, we were able to preach to a group of guys. I was able to preach, then Bro Mike Alford, and finally Bro Darnell Robinson. After the preaching, a guy came forward to get saved. After having the gospel explained to him, he bowed his head and asked the Lord to save him. A few days after we were there, he called and let us know that he had shared the gospel with his wife, and that she had gotten saved. Please pray for David and his wife Kenya to grow in the Lord and that we will be able to be a help to them in their spiritual growth.

Also, we were able to get some work done on our church building this month as well. We are going to be continuing the work as we are able to. Unfortunately, between our other church ministries and the rain, we have been limited to find time to get these repairs completed. But, slowly but surely, we are getting the repairs addressed.

Thank you all for your prayers

Kenneth Seremak Jr

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