Why are we offended at a Red Cup?

I find it funny that “Christians” are offended at the red cup at Starbucks. It is about the stupidest thing I have heard for a while, and trust me, I have heard plenty of stupid stuff. I seriously believed this to be a joke or prank of some kind, but I am amazed(i don’t know why) to hear it is real. So let me share my view on this stupidity.

1) Why in the world are we demanding that a secular company, with no religious association to start with, put religious symbolism on their cups? I mean, I can understand if a religion, that we all were a part of, decided to remove its own distinction, but come on guys, this is a COFFEE SHOP!!! Do you really think Christianity is suffering because nobody is printing little Xmass trees on your coffee cup or saying Merry Christmas to you as you spend 3 times as much as you should for a cup of Joe?? I think not. If you honestly believe that this is an attack on Christ, then you really should do some reading. Read the Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, or even the Book of Acts. I doubt the Christians being eaten by lions were worried about such trivial matters as a cup’s color.

2) Also, Maybe, just maybe, Starbucks is not blaspheming Christ by removing symbolism, but instead actually representing the truth, without even realizing it. How? Well, let me explain. If you do some more reading, you will discover the same folks I just talked about who suffered for Christ in the early church, also suffered because they rejected this pagan holiday so wrongfully associated with Christ. I know it bothers you, but that is the honest truth. Early Christians were persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church for not partaking in the mass, and one of those masses was on December 25th in honor of the sun god, Baal originally. Seriously, men were BURNED at the stake for rejecting the mass, and now in our modern time, we are crying because the place were we get our caffeine fix, won’t let us have more of this pagan nonsense then we already have?

I, for one get sick of the Xmass songs played in EVERY store, restaurant, gas station, and bathroom in the USA. I get tired of seeing some fat goofball dressed in red with a white beard act like God and get more praise then my Saviour from “Christians.” Maybe I will go to Starbucks in December, give them my money for a cup of coffee, sit at one of their tiny tables, and enjoy an escape form all the Xmass stuff!!

Have a nice day, and remember as you get ready to comment, “If you cant say something nice, don’t say anything at all”

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