December Prayer Letter

December 2015



As I write this letter, I think back over the last year and reflect on good God has been to us all. As 2015 comes to a close, I am encouraged to look forward into 2016, intent on doing even more for my Savior and getting closer to him in my daily life and service.

At the beginning of this month, we had a great time preaching at the first Friday festival here in Brunswick. There was a lot of people there and we were able to distribute a lot of tracts, as well as preach for a while to the many people gathered there. The next day, Brunswick held the annual Santa Claus parade. This was the first time that they had the parade in the evening time instead of a morning parade. We went with 2000 tracts and planned to walk the parade route in front of the parade and then preach to the crowd at the end. We got to the parade and began to hand out tracts to those waiting for the parade to start. As we went down the street, we quickly realized that there was many more people there than anyone had anticipated. (Including the police in Brunswick) There was easily close to 9,000 people there. We gave out all our tracts very quickly and then made our way to the end of the parade and preached until everyone went home. There were many people who recognized us from other places we preach and some even offered encouragement. For example, while we were preaching a lady walked up to Bro Mike Alford and told him that she and her husband own a dress shop across the street from where we normally  preach and every time they see us, they stop and pray for us. What an encouragement!!

We had a great time this month at the jail in Nahunta as well. We were able to present the gospel to the guys that are there plainly and boldly and many seemed to be very attentive.  Please pray for these guys that they would truly get saved and not just “jailhouse religion.”

This month, we have been able to make some progress on the church building repairs as well. The repairs have been interesting to say the least due to the years of neglect that the building has faced, but little by little we have been able to repair the almost all the eaves around the building. After we finish this, we will have to put a new roof on the building as well, so please pray that nothing will hinder this work from getting done.

We have had a few visitors to the church as well. We have not had any visitors come out in a while to the services, and to have these 2 guys come out was an encouragement to the church. Please pray that more folks will come out and get some help and that some will be saved as well.

This month we have been battling some sickness in the church folks that seems to not go away. Folks in our church have been sick for weeks. We seemed to get relief for a little while, but now it is back in full swing again. Please pray for this sickness to go away and that folks can get back to normal.

We covet your prayers in all things,

God Bless,

Kenneth Seremak Jr.



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