September 2017 Prayer Letter


I hope and pray that this letter finds you all doing well, and laboring in the service our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This month marks 3 years that my family and I have been at Open Bible Baptist Church here in Brunswick GA. The Lord has truly blessed our little church, and has continued to provide many opportunities for us to reach this community with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

Last summer, we set a goal for ourselves to reach every front door in our county with a door hanger containing Scriptures, gospel tracts, and a church invitation. We have named this monthly ministry, “Operation Golden Isles,” and so far, our church has been able to distribute approximately 5,000 of these door hangers in our community. In April, a couple who had received one of these door hangers, began attending our services on Sunday Morning.  They have been in church every Sunday morning since then and seem to really be enjoying the church. We praise God for this response and are excited to see more fruit in the future.

Also, this year, a wonderful opportunity has come up for us to be able to preach on a local radio station.  We are able to provide 30 minutes of Bible preaching/teaching every Sunday Morning at 6:30am. The radio station that has given us this opportunity is a country music station, but the managers seem to very excited to have us on their station. Please pray that the Lord will continue to keep this door open for us in order to reach this area with the Scriptures. We have also decided to take this 30-minute program and put it online as a podcast. We have already begun to see a decent amount of interest in this program from folks both in our area and in other states.

This fall, we have a full schedule lined up to do more outreach here in the Golden Isles. We are planning to set up a booth at the Glynn county fair for the first time. We also are going to be making an effort to be at every festival/parade in our area to distribute tracts and preach the gospel. The church seems to be very excited about these upcoming endeavors and we ask that you pray that the Lord use these things to reach folks our community.

Lastly, I ask that you pray that the Lord will send laborers to work in this area with us to reach souls with the gospel and to establish a Bible-Believing and Christ honoring church here.  Truly the harvest here is great, but the laborers are few, so we ask that you pray that the Lord will send laborers to this harvest. Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Brunswick is that they might be saved!!

God Bless,

Pastor Kenneth Seremak


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