September 2017 Prayer Letter


I hope and pray that this letter finds you all doing well, and laboring in the service our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This month marks 3 years that my family and I have been at Open Bible Baptist Church here in Brunswick GA. The Lord has truly blessed our little church, and has continued to provide many opportunities for us to reach this community with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

Last summer, we set a goal for ourselves to reach every front door in our county with a door hanger containing Scriptures, gospel tracts, and a church invitation. We have named this monthly ministry, “Operation Golden Isles,” and so far, our church has been able to distribute approximately 5,000 of these door hangers in our community. In April, a couple who had received one of these door hangers, began attending our services on Sunday Morning.  They have been in church every Sunday morning since then and seem to really be enjoying the church. We praise God for this response and are excited to see more fruit in the future.

Also, this year, a wonderful opportunity has come up for us to be able to preach on a local radio station.  We are able to provide 30 minutes of Bible preaching/teaching every Sunday Morning at 6:30am. The radio station that has given us this opportunity is a country music station, but the managers seem to very excited to have us on their station. Please pray that the Lord will continue to keep this door open for us in order to reach this area with the Scriptures. We have also decided to take this 30-minute program and put it online as a podcast. We have already begun to see a decent amount of interest in this program from folks both in our area and in other states.

This fall, we have a full schedule lined up to do more outreach here in the Golden Isles. We are planning to set up a booth at the Glynn county fair for the first time. We also are going to be making an effort to be at every festival/parade in our area to distribute tracts and preach the gospel. The church seems to be very excited about these upcoming endeavors and we ask that you pray that the Lord use these things to reach folks our community.

Lastly, I ask that you pray that the Lord will send laborers to work in this area with us to reach souls with the gospel and to establish a Bible-Believing and Christ honoring church here.  Truly the harvest here is great, but the laborers are few, so we ask that you pray that the Lord will send laborers to this harvest. Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Brunswick is that they might be saved!!

God Bless,

Pastor Kenneth Seremak


Laundry and the Love of Christ

A few months ago, our washing machine decided that it was going to turn in its resignation and put an end to its clothes washing days. It was not alone in this endeavor, as the dryer had kicked the bucket a few years before. We had tried to buy cheap dryers on craigslist and yard sales, but each 50-dollar dryer only proved we had paid too much for it by its lack of ability to keep up with the laundry load of 6 people (four of which are little boys who can put some dirt on some clothes). So, we finally broke down and bought a brand-new matching washer and dryer set from a large box store. During our purchase, we were asked if we would like to have the set delivered, and having dropped, scratched, and dented enough appliances by moving them myself, I agreed to have the store deliver the washer and dryer (especially considering it was free). The only downside was that we had to wait almost 2 weeks until they could deliver it. We had a trip to go on and some other obligations that would hinder me being able to pick it up sooner, so we agreed.

Well, it wasn’t but a few days later that I realized how much laundry gets washed in our household every day. The pile of “dirty” clothes turned into a mountain and we soon realized that we would run out of clothes before our washer and dryer would arrive. My wife then decided to let me know about a place near the Publix shopping center in our town that would allow you to come use their machines for a minimal charge provided you brought your own detergents. This place was Golden Isles Laundry, a large laundry-mat. Now, I understood what a laundry-mat was and basically how it worked, but until this point in my life, it had never been a place I had frequented simply because it had not been necessary. So, we loaded up 5 trash bags full of dirty laundry and headed off for an evening of clothes washing/drying/folding.

When we arrived, the lady working there was very helpful in showing us how to load money on our card to use at the machines, showing us where the soap was loaded, and other various things that we were ignorant of. We loaded the machines up, paid the charge, and pressed the start button, and then we sat down to wait.

What I saw when I sat down is the reason for this article. I saw a large amount of other people doing the same thing we were doing, waiting. Some were waiting with phones glued to their faces, others gazed up at various televisions placed around the room, and others leaned back in their chairs with eyes closed trying to find some rest from what was obvious a tiresome day. I saw children running around or pushing each other in the rolling laundry carts in an attempt to fight boredom as well, only to inevitably hear a mother or grandmother bark for them to settle down. The majority of folks I observed did not appear to be what we would refer to as the “upper crust” of society, but instead seemed to be folks struggling to make it through another day.

As I looked around and took in all these things, I realized we had an awesome opportunity in front of us. I walked out to our van and grabbed as many tracts as I could find and when I came back inside, I divided them between my wife, myself, and the 3 of my boys who are old enough to hand them out, and we went on a mission to make sure everyone had one. The boys ran around that laundry-mat and handed out at least 30 to 40 gospel tracts and had absolutely nobody refuse to take one. When we all met back at our seat to continue waiting for our laundry to finish the spin cycle, we looked around the room and saw several folks reading intently the gospel tracts they had just been given. As we sat there, a couple of the little kids who had previously been running around came up and asked if they could have a tract as well. We gave them some tracts that had pictures and illustrations that would help them see the message trying to be conveyed to them. We repeated this scene a few more times over those 2 weeks, and even had the opportunity to speak with some folks about the Lord.

Well, our washer and dryer were delivered and we no longer have a need to use the services offered by Golden Isles Laundry, but I have been unable to shake the place from my mind and heart. My wife and I have discussed the possibilities of a place like that. Not only is it possible to distribute tracts there, but a man could stand in a strategic spot in the room, open his mouth and boldly proclaim the word of God. A family, or a group of folks could lift voices together and sing the glorious hymns of praise to our savior and the evangelistic songs of our faith to encourage a sinner to come to Jesus Christ. A lady could take books, flannel grafts, or even a craft and teach those “bored” children the stories of the Word of God. An average trip to the Laundry mat can take between 90 minutes to 2 hours, and during that amount of time, the gospel can be presented, explained and even discussed for sure.

My family and I are praying about this particular opportunity in order be sure we do it properly when we do it, but we are convinced that we are most certainly going to find a way to do it. I am curious to see if anyone reading this has done any “ministry” in a laundry-mat and if so, please let me know what seems to work best. Until then, we plan to make the Golden Isles Laundry a regular stop in our travels to distribute tracts and try to share the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ with a lost and dying world. I ask that you consider this opportunity as well in your area or town. I am sure the Lord will give you an open door of utterance if you are willing to go.


God Bless,

Pastor Ken Seremak

A delightful desire

In September 2014, I accepted the offer extended to me by Open Bible Baptist Church in Brunswick, GA to take the office as their pastor. The idea that there would obstacles and struggles was not a foreign one to me. I knew that there would be folks who would leave angrily at the preaching of the righteousness of God’s Word, and draw away men and women with them. I knew there would be people who would visit, and once they heard the old-fashioned songs and Bible teaching, would also determine they would never return. I was also very aware that even within the folks who were to remain that there would be times of turmoil and disagreements that would require large amounts of charity from those who would receive much less charity then they are giving. I knew, that coming to a town in the American Southeast and attempting to reestablish a church via door knocking and public ministry would be a tremendous struggle considering the plethora of “churches” already here who would never call upon their members to engage in such “radical” practices. I knew that there would be people who would come and claim that our church was the place they had been searching for all along, and then realize very quickly that their search must continue. I knew that there would be people who would make it their goal in life to remind me that just because I was a pastor that I was no better then them while at the same time they held me to higher standard then they would ever dream of applying to their own lives. I knew all these things and more BEFORE I agreed to take the office of pastor. I may not have had the experience to deal with each of these issues, but I still knew they would inevitably show up on the scene.

Do not misunderstand, I am not complaining at all. I just want to point out that I was not ignorant to the struggle ahead of me. I personally had never experienced the issues I listed above, but I was informed enough about the ministry and church life to know that stuff would happen and continue to happen throughout the course of the ministry. But, simply knowing, didn’t cause it to be any easier.

Now, some may read this and say “well, you haven’t even began to understand the struggles, I’ve been doing this for a lot longer than you and I’ve been through worse things than you.” That may very well be true, but I am not trying to present myself as a “victim” or as if my struggles are the hardest that anyone has ever had to address or endure. Such a thought on my part would be extremely foolish and carnal to say the least.

I don’t mean to present the ministry in such a dismal light, but to pretend that it is all sunshine and roses is not fair to men who may be considering the ministry as a path in their own lives. It is easy for a man to get a desire to pastor or be a missionary when he believes that he will never suffer. Pastoring is more than preparing and presenting 3 sermons a week and going golfing with your other pastor friends(nothing wrong with that stuff, but that is not the entirety of the office.) Many a missionary letter has caused all too many young men and women to believe that a missionary’s life consists of residing in a tropical paradise where thousands of souls are eager to hear and receive the message of the gospel. It will never hurt young men to have the “struggles” of the ministry presented to them BEFORE they enter it and faint.

I believe that understanding that the ministry would be a daily struggle physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, etc. is one of the greatest things that my pastor and other men in my life could have taught me. I was taught and shown by example that there would be good times, but the ministry would also be an uphill climb the entire way. I observed men in the  ministry who gave everything for people who only demand more from them. I watched a pastor who desired to teach people the Bible so they could live lives pleasing to their Saviour, and instead of being able to rejoice in their growth in Christ, he had to take that Bible and use to place those same folks under the discipline of the church, and I have watched that break his heart. I have observed the children of SOME very good men in the ministry walk out on the church and the Lord because they got bitter after watching the church folks abuse and take advantage of their father. I had never experienced any of that stuff personally, but I knew it all too often came with the ministry from observation.

So, you may be wondering where I am going with all this negativity, so let me get to it. 1 Timothy 3:1 says This is a true saying, if a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work. In the most common and thorough passage on the requirements and qualifications of those that hold the leadership of the church, it begins with such an important requirement, a desire. Now, it could be easy to get a desire if you think the path you are about to trod will be an easy one. It is easy to get a desire if you think you will be the exception to the trials, or that you will be the preacher that everyone, saved and lost, has been waiting with anticipated breathe to finally see go into the ministry so that they can flock to you like kids to an ice cream truck in August. But, if you know that there will be struggles that, all too often, will cause you to question whether it is even possible to continue on, you may not be so quick to starting unpacking your belongings in the office of bishop. The verse says that a bishop has a desire for a WORK, not a play-date.

After reading this, you may be wondering how a man would ever get such a desire after knowing the struggles lying ahead of him. Psalm 37:4 says Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Hopefully, you understand that this verse is not saying God will give you a mansion or a fancy car if you just read your Bible and attend church services. It is telling us that if we delight in the Lord and the things he has commanded us to do, He will give us something. What will He give us? A desire. When someone is saved and begins to grow in the Lord, their desires change, and the Lord will give different desires to different people within the body of Christ. I have good friends of mine who are missionaries in places that I have no desire to go to (I am not saying I am not willing), but they have such a desire and love to be in that place that they give up everything precious here in their native land and set off to take the gospel to folks who may or may not want to hear it. Knowing the struggles and the tribulation he is about to face, what causes a man to do that if it is not a desire from the Lord?

Many people have asked me how I know I am “called” into the ministry, and while I could answer with emotional answers or terminologies that we all have heard used over and over, I chose rather to recognize that I have a desire that I am convinced is from the Lord Himself. It is a desire that wont go away regardless of the sleepless nights spent agonizing and praying over whatever trial I or others in the church may be going through at that time. It is a desire that stays present even when those that are my closest of friends try to convince to just quit. It is a desire that I have, even though I know that more troubles and trials lie in wait for me in this life if I stay faithful to the Lord and the precepts of the Word of God.

Some may say that this desire is the call to preach while others say that there is no such thing, but I am convinced that if a man truly desires to perform the work that God has given him in the ministry even after he is made aware of the struggles, then he needs to dig in and get ready, because the “best is yet to come.




Sheila’s Testimony

 I know it has been almost a year since I have put anything on here and for that I apologize. It has been pretty crazy around here for the last year and I intend to write about those things in the upcoming weeks. I was looking through some old emails/attachments that I had stored on an old thumb drive and found my wife’s testimony of salvation that she wrote out herself when we were first considering the ministry(over 3 years ago now, although we updated the ages of kids and stuff at the end). I trust that you will enjoy. 

I was born in Beaufort, S.C. to a lost military family. My sister is 16 months older than I am, so for the most part we were close growing up. She was the leader and I was the follower.
When I was about 5 years old, we lived in Augusta, G.A. because my dad was stationed at Fort Gordon. Two doors down from us was a pastor of a small Baptist Church. He began witnessing to my dad, and over time, my dad got saved! My mom, on the other hand, was not at all happy about it. My dad spent a lot of time studying the Bible and trying to change the way we lived. Eventually, my mom had enough.
While we were stationed in Virginia, our parents informed us that they were getting a divorce. I was one of those kids who thought that it would never happen to my parents, so it really hit me hard. I was only 8 at the time. My mom moved back to Georgia, because we still had a house there, and my dad moved back to Beaufort to the trailer that they lived in when I was born. My sister and I lived with my mom and only saw our dad every other weekend and a few weeks in the summer.
While my dad was in Beaufort, he found Calvary Baptist Church and became a member. I was 10 the very first time I ever walked into this church and it was for Grace Ann Gade’s funeral. She was a baby girl born into Neils Gade’s family with a disease that only allowed her 4 hours of life outside the womb. I remember asking my dad who the mother was, because I could not find anyone who looked like they had just lost a baby. When he pointed her out, I knew he most be wrong because Gwendy was smiling and talking to some other ladies like everything was fine. Dad had explained to me that the reason she was not weeping out of control was because one day she knew that she would see her baby again in Heaven. As a young girl that really impressed me, and to this day I still remember the look of joy and lack of sorrow on her face.
As I grew up, I wanted to be accepted in both homes, so I would dress the part for wherever I was at. I only wore skirts and dresses at dad’s house and pants and shorts at mom’s house. My conversation and attitude was also different. At dad’s house I was the perfect angel, who knew just what to say and do to fit in and not be that weird kid who has divorced parents. And at mom’s house I was less than perfect. My mom had started to date and I was not at all happy about it, so the devilish side of me came out in full bloom.
When I was 11, my sister said she had gotten saved and a few weeks later she was baptized. She also got rid of all her pants and anything that was wrong to have as a Christian. On top of that, she had asked to be homeschooled. Like I said before, I was the follower, so like her I got rid of everything and agreed to be homeschooled. As the months went on, she drew farther and farther away from our dad and Church. She stopped visiting him all together when she was 14 and she went back to public school. By the time she was 15 she was pregnant.
While I still lived somewhat of a double life, I never did go back to public school or wear pants for the most part, but I did do things at mom’s that I would never dream of doing with my friends in Beaufort. The Lord was very gracious to me by sparing me from all the boys around me as a teenager, at both of my parent’s homes. Because of that, I can honestly say my husband is the first and only man I have ever dated.
My sister’s fly- by- night Christianity scared me. I knew from watching the people in church, that what my sister had was not real. I also knew I wanted what they had but was unsure of how to get it. I knew I should be a good example to my lost family because I wanted one day to get saved and I wanted them to get saved as well. One day, my sister and I got into a little fight, I don’t even remember what it was about, but she said something to me that really hit home. She said ‘’You can’t serve 2 masters; you can’t be an angel with dad, and a little devil at mom’s, you need to choose one.’’ For her to say that to me, knowing she had made her choice, really hurt because I knew I would have to leave my sister, my baby brother and my mom, if I was to choose the right path.
Soon after that, while I was at my dad’s house, I started asking him some questions about how to be saved and how to know for sure it’s real. That night I could not fall asleep because my sister’s words kept going through my head…’’ You can’t serve 2 masters….’’ I knew it was time for me to get saved and give my heart fully to the Lord. So, at the age of 14, I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior.
Soon after I got saved, my dad and I went to Papua New Guinea for 6 months to help a missionary family, the Fairs. It was great to be part of a real Christian family {that was not broken} and watch and learn how they acted in everyday life. They were a true blessing to be around and I learned a lot from them.
By the time I was 16, I was able to live with my dad full time. My dad lived with another single guy and his 6 year old son, so I had my hands full, with not only my schoolwork, but cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, babysitting and paying bills as well. My dad believed in ‘’Train up a child in the way he should go,’’ and his goal was to prepare me for married live. I enjoyed it and those years of training were a big help.
Kenny and I were engaged when I was 19 and we were married on Nov 15. 2008. Since then we have had 4 boys Donovan {6}, Marshall {5},  Jeremiah {4}, and Isaiah (2). We have been serving in our local church in Brunswick, GA where my husband is poastoring. We look forward to what the Lord might have us do, and we will continue to serve him where we are as best we can.
Sheila Seremak

Street Preaching Part 1

Now, I understand that some have already determined in their mind what they feel about “Street Preaching” just by reading the title of this blog, and nothing I can write here can change your mind. I am not mad at the fact some some people have a problem with this awesome method of preaching the gospel, disappointed maybe, but not mad. So therefore, the purpose of this post is not to convince you to join in the ministry, but to give those that are interested in Public Ministry a basic run down on the basic concepts involved.

Now, the very first and most important rule of this ministry is one that you HAVE to follow or this thing is a waste of time and a detriment to the cause of Jesus Christ. The most important thing you absolutely need to remember and prioritize is that we are to preach ONE thing, THE GOSPEL. I am sure some of you may have seen on YouTube, and other media outlets, videos of guys claiming to street preach, but in fact were only making a fool of themselves, by yelling about politics, dress codes, or mocking other religions by burning their books or just name-calling the people walking around. If your desire is to go around and act like an idiot then it is a free country, but don’t call it street PREACHING. Call it something like street stupidity, or a street waste of time. We, as Christians are commanded to preach the GOSPEL to every creature, not anything or everything else. I have seen guys get up on a corner and just yell about the American government, or women dressing wrong, or yell about how they have “rights” to stand there and yell. None of this is helping to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world, it only helps your ego, and we know that is never a good thing. People will hate and despise the message of the gospel without you giving them a reason.

So, Street Preaching can be done in basically 3 venues that we want to address in the next few posts. These are  1) Traffic intersections,  2) Public Corner(Includes downtown, college campuses, and other foot traffic)  3) Festivals (Includes sporting events and Parades). All three are great places to preach and I personally recommend doing all 3 regularly. You will realize quickly that each of these methods will bless you differently than the others.

Today, I want to talk about the ministry at the traffic intersection. This is the best method for a beginner because it provides a lot of opportunities to preach in a short space of time. This is as simple as it sounds. Go find a BUSY intersection in your city or town. It is best to find one with a sidewalk adjacent to the road in order to give your self a place to stand without putting your self in immediate danger. When the light turns red, and the cars pull up to the light, start preaching, and preach until the light changes. An average stop light is between 1 and 2 minutes, which is the perfect amount of time, especially when you are starting out in this ministry. In this capacity, it is almost impossible to preach a sermon or 3 point outline, your best bet is to simply quote verses back to back to the cars.(well, to the people in the cars anyways) This will most certainly help with your Bible memorization in a major way.

There are a few reasons this works great for those just getting started in public ministry. First, although you may have alot of Bible memorized, when you get in a public arena, your mind will strangely forget them all, so it is good to bring notes or a highlighted Bible. But when you start to preach, you will, without a doubt, mess up. The great part about this venue is in 60 seconds those people who just saw you mess up, will pull away and another group of people will come to hear you preach. And during green lights, you will have a break to re-group and gather your thoughts. Another reason this is a great starting point for public ministry is the amount of response, both good and bad. Of course, people will flip you off, or curse you, or even ignore you but others will wave, honk, or yell out words of encouragement. Either way, they will not be there long enough to discourage you with offenses or on the other hand, puff you up too much with pride. remember, they are leaving in 60 seconds, but it will get you used to other situations we will talk about in posts to come with people who will oppose what you are doing in person.

The best thing to have with you in this ministry is a sign. Now, I don’t mean a sign like the homeless have, made of cardboard written in sharpie. Try to get the nicest sign possible in order to not appear to look like a bum. Surely, if you can spend fifty bucks on supper at the buffet for your family, you can afford to invest in a good sign or signs. Remember who we are representing, Jesus Christ our Saviour. This is a great way to include the women and children in this ministry too. My family goes with us on occasion and they enjoy holding up  their signs and watching the folks stop and read them. Some guys like the the ones with cute sayings or”Turn or Burn” signs, but I personally recommend to stay away from using those due to the fact that the Bible says preach the WORD, not your cute or catchy saying. I have found those with straight Scripture on them to be the best and most effective. With the radio on, the windows up, and talking on the phone, people will not always be able to hear what you are saying, but they will be able to see the sign(whether they want to or not). You can find those signs pretty cheap on the internet on various sites or you can even design or make your own.

Another thing that may help you is a megaphone or some other voice amplifier. This a great tool to help you save your voice, and send your voice further down the line of cars. There are not many towns that allow this though so I suggest you research the laws for your city or town in order to ensure that you are not going to be in violation. It is unconstitutional for a town to have a law against you preaching, but they can and do regulate the volume of your preaching under the clause of noise ordinances. I have found that it is best to not put a bad taste in mouth of the local law enforcement, considering you will probably be seeing them again and it is best to not have already irritated them. (Someone who is offended by the gospel, will undoubtedly call the law on you in order to appease their pricked conscience, and it is best to have not already ticked off the police officer.)

I encourage everyone of you to try this great way of representing your Saviour before you decide it is not for you. I never thought it would “be my thing,” but it is one of the most enjoyable things that I do in the ministry. Get yourself a partner if you need to (and we all pretty well need to) and I guarantee you the fellowship with be great. Until next time,

Bro Kenny Seremak.





December Prayer Letter

December 2015



As I write this letter, I think back over the last year and reflect on good God has been to us all. As 2015 comes to a close, I am encouraged to look forward into 2016, intent on doing even more for my Savior and getting closer to him in my daily life and service.

At the beginning of this month, we had a great time preaching at the first Friday festival here in Brunswick. There was a lot of people there and we were able to distribute a lot of tracts, as well as preach for a while to the many people gathered there. The next day, Brunswick held the annual Santa Claus parade. This was the first time that they had the parade in the evening time instead of a morning parade. We went with 2000 tracts and planned to walk the parade route in front of the parade and then preach to the crowd at the end. We got to the parade and began to hand out tracts to those waiting for the parade to start. As we went down the street, we quickly realized that there was many more people there than anyone had anticipated. (Including the police in Brunswick) There was easily close to 9,000 people there. We gave out all our tracts very quickly and then made our way to the end of the parade and preached until everyone went home. There were many people who recognized us from other places we preach and some even offered encouragement. For example, while we were preaching a lady walked up to Bro Mike Alford and told him that she and her husband own a dress shop across the street from where we normally  preach and every time they see us, they stop and pray for us. What an encouragement!!

We had a great time this month at the jail in Nahunta as well. We were able to present the gospel to the guys that are there plainly and boldly and many seemed to be very attentive.  Please pray for these guys that they would truly get saved and not just “jailhouse religion.”

This month, we have been able to make some progress on the church building repairs as well. The repairs have been interesting to say the least due to the years of neglect that the building has faced, but little by little we have been able to repair the almost all the eaves around the building. After we finish this, we will have to put a new roof on the building as well, so please pray that nothing will hinder this work from getting done.

We have had a few visitors to the church as well. We have not had any visitors come out in a while to the services, and to have these 2 guys come out was an encouragement to the church. Please pray that more folks will come out and get some help and that some will be saved as well.

This month we have been battling some sickness in the church folks that seems to not go away. Folks in our church have been sick for weeks. We seemed to get relief for a little while, but now it is back in full swing again. Please pray for this sickness to go away and that folks can get back to normal.

We covet your prayers in all things,

God Bless,

Kenneth Seremak Jr.



October/November Prayer Letter

October/November 2015


I am just finding the time to sit down and finally write an update on the ministry here in Brunswick. I apologize for failing to get a report out to everyone in the month of October, but it has been extremely busy lately. I do hope that this letter finds each and every one of you in faithful service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I mentioned in my previous letter that, at the Salvation Army, we seemed to have been experiencing some progress with those folks. There has still continued to be a good bit of progress in this regards.  When we first started going to hand out meals and preach to these people, many of them expressed an apathetic attitude towards the preaching and the gospel. As time has gone by, we have seen some folks show some interest, and, as I mentioned previously, we have had some good witnesses with some of these people. Well, recently, we have seen even more of an interest and an attentiveness to the preaching. Now, when folks finish their meal, many will stay at the table and pay close attention to what is preached and won’t leave until after we close in prayer. Many folks have come forward and asked us to pray for issues in their lives and shared some of their sorrows with us. We have yet to see anyone ask the Lord to save them, but we are excited to slowly see the Lord peal back the layers on some of these folks. Please continue to pray for us that this ministry be not hindered in any way, and that folks will come to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

In regards to our public evangelism, we have had to make a few adjustments. The place where we normally preach (the pier at St Simons Island) is a big tourist area. Well, due to the lack of tourists here this time of year, we have had no people attend these outdoor meetings. So we have moved our preaching efforts to a busy intersection in Brunswick, and have been preaching to the folks waiting at the stoplight. We plan to go back to St Simons Island again in the spring, and at that time we will more than likely continue to preach at the intersection as well.

We are still preaching at the First Friday Festival every month in downtown Brunswick and it has been a great time. In October, the theme for the festival was Halloween so folks were all dressed up in costumes. That night a guy walked by with his kids, and they were dressed up like a vampire. He looked as us preaching, and seriously said to his kids, “Hey kids, look at those guys, they are scary!” What a crazy world we live in, that the ones preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in “normal” clothes are “scary!!” Towards the end of the month, Brunswick made a deal with a group out of Hollywood to film a few scenes for a movie in the downtown district. They spent about a week filming, and finished the day before the first Friday Festival. The Mayor of Brunswick put a special invitation to everyone in Brunswick to come downtown to see the props on First Friday, and quite a few people came. We set up on our regular corner, and preached like normal, but this time to about three times the amount of people that are normally at the festival. We gave out quite a few tracts, and preached for 2 hours to the crowd gathered. What a blessing it is when the crowd assembles for you.

We have also been having a great time at the nursing home ministry. Although there are only about 7 or 8 people that regularly come, we have tremendous services with these folks. The folks really seem to enjoy to hear us singing the old hymns and many of them join in and sing with us. I really enjoy sharing some stuff with these folks out of the Bible after we sing as well, and I think many times they are more of an encouragement to us than we are to them. Please pray for these dear folks to stay encouraged and continue on in that place.

In October, I was called upon to preach a funeral for a man in our church who was in his 90’s. He was saved but many of his children are not. This was my first funeral that I was called on to preach. I was very nervous of course.  I was able to present the gospel to all those present. I preached out of Ecclesiastes 12:14 on the judgment of all secret things. Only a few weeks following this, I was called on again to preach another funeral for one of our “charter” member’s husband. He was in his mid 80’s and also claimed to be saved. Likewise there was a lot of lost family at the funeral that heard a very similar gospel message. Some of these folks have promised to come out and visit the church. Please pray that these families(the Redicks and the Hannahs) will find comfort and that folks will come to Christ through these deaths.


God Bless,

Kenneth Seremak Jr.