October/November Prayer Letter

October/November 2015


I am just finding the time to sit down and finally write an update on the ministry here in Brunswick. I apologize for failing to get a report out to everyone in the month of October, but it has been extremely busy lately. I do hope that this letter finds each and every one of you in faithful service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I mentioned in my previous letter that, at the Salvation Army, we seemed to have been experiencing some progress with those folks. There has still continued to be a good bit of progress in this regards.  When we first started going to hand out meals and preach to these people, many of them expressed an apathetic attitude towards the preaching and the gospel. As time has gone by, we have seen some folks show some interest, and, as I mentioned previously, we have had some good witnesses with some of these people. Well, recently, we have seen even more of an interest and an attentiveness to the preaching. Now, when folks finish their meal, many will stay at the table and pay close attention to what is preached and won’t leave until after we close in prayer. Many folks have come forward and asked us to pray for issues in their lives and shared some of their sorrows with us. We have yet to see anyone ask the Lord to save them, but we are excited to slowly see the Lord peal back the layers on some of these folks. Please continue to pray for us that this ministry be not hindered in any way, and that folks will come to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

In regards to our public evangelism, we have had to make a few adjustments. The place where we normally preach (the pier at St Simons Island) is a big tourist area. Well, due to the lack of tourists here this time of year, we have had no people attend these outdoor meetings. So we have moved our preaching efforts to a busy intersection in Brunswick, and have been preaching to the folks waiting at the stoplight. We plan to go back to St Simons Island again in the spring, and at that time we will more than likely continue to preach at the intersection as well.

We are still preaching at the First Friday Festival every month in downtown Brunswick and it has been a great time. In October, the theme for the festival was Halloween so folks were all dressed up in costumes. That night a guy walked by with his kids, and they were dressed up like a vampire. He looked as us preaching, and seriously said to his kids, “Hey kids, look at those guys, they are scary!” What a crazy world we live in, that the ones preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in “normal” clothes are “scary!!” Towards the end of the month, Brunswick made a deal with a group out of Hollywood to film a few scenes for a movie in the downtown district. They spent about a week filming, and finished the day before the first Friday Festival. The Mayor of Brunswick put a special invitation to everyone in Brunswick to come downtown to see the props on First Friday, and quite a few people came. We set up on our regular corner, and preached like normal, but this time to about three times the amount of people that are normally at the festival. We gave out quite a few tracts, and preached for 2 hours to the crowd gathered. What a blessing it is when the crowd assembles for you.

We have also been having a great time at the nursing home ministry. Although there are only about 7 or 8 people that regularly come, we have tremendous services with these folks. The folks really seem to enjoy to hear us singing the old hymns and many of them join in and sing with us. I really enjoy sharing some stuff with these folks out of the Bible after we sing as well, and I think many times they are more of an encouragement to us than we are to them. Please pray for these dear folks to stay encouraged and continue on in that place.

In October, I was called upon to preach a funeral for a man in our church who was in his 90’s. He was saved but many of his children are not. This was my first funeral that I was called on to preach. I was very nervous of course.  I was able to present the gospel to all those present. I preached out of Ecclesiastes 12:14 on the judgment of all secret things. Only a few weeks following this, I was called on again to preach another funeral for one of our “charter” member’s husband. He was in his mid 80’s and also claimed to be saved. Likewise there was a lot of lost family at the funeral that heard a very similar gospel message. Some of these folks have promised to come out and visit the church. Please pray that these families(the Redicks and the Hannahs) will find comfort and that folks will come to Christ through these deaths.


God Bless,

Kenneth Seremak Jr.



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